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Community Travel

Community Transport

Although individual Community Transport organisations provide a different mix of services, the Community Transport sector is wide-ranging and includes the following:

  1. Voluntary car schemes, with volunteers driving their own cars in return for mileage expenses. It is a demand responsive, flexible and accessible transport service for individuals and groups who cannot access public transport due to mobility, illness, infirmity or restricted access.
  2. Group travel services and door-to-door dial-a-ride services for individuals, using minibuses operated under section 19 minibus permits.
  3. Wheels to Work, hiring mopeds and bicycles and providing other transport services to enable people to get to work, apprenticeships, or to training that will lead to employment and long-term careers.
  4. Contracted "assisted travel" services, such as home-to-school, non-emergency patient or social care transport, operated on a not-for-profit basis, with the same minibuses then used for community benefit outside the contracted hours.
  5. Demand-responsive or fixed route transport services, filling the gaps between traditional stage carriage bus routes.

Contact and service details provided by community transport operators across Wales can be found on the Community Transport Association website or the Traveline Cymru website.